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Field trials with Norway spruce seedlings from 84 full-sib families from a factorial cross in Opsahl Seed Orchard and 11 provenances were planted at eight sites between altitudes between 600 and 900 m in Oppland County in Norway. Measurements of tree heights and assessments of stem and branch defects were made at regular intervals until 34 years from seed. Data from measurements made in nursery trials and from artificial freezing trials were also available. The families from the seed orchard had on average 12 % better height growth than the provenances. For volume growth per hectare, measured in two of the trials 30 years after planting, the families had a superiority of more than 30 %. A large variation among families was present for height growth and additive genetic variation was the main genetic factor. For the maternal half-sib families, the ranking of families for height was stable after 15 years from seed, and the five best families selected for height at that age were at age 34 years 6 % taller and produced 13 % more volume per hectare compared with the mean of all families. Weak relationships were present between traits measured in the nursery trial, the freezing test and the field trials. Assessments were made of cone production at age 20 years after planting and showed variation among families for the frequency of trees with cones.