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The Climate Laboratory in Tromsø offers excellent facilities for controlled growth experiments. In an attempt to provide for future needs to perform qualitative and quantitative analysis of plant growth and plant traits at the laboratory scale, UiT and NIBIO have jointly implemented state-of-the-art monitoring and imaging systems as part of the strategic project ABSORB (https://site.uit.no/absorb/). Here, we present a 3D multi- and 2D hyper-spectral imaging platform, augmented with thermal analysis capabilities, tailored for plant phenotyping in both research and teaching contexts. The 3D imaging component of the PlantEye F600 laser scanner provides effortless and accurate non-invasive assessments of plant architecture and growth dynamics. Three complementary 2D hyperspectral cameras deliver more detailed spectral information across a 400-1700 nm range of wavelengths, supporting in-depth analysis of biochemical composition and stress responses at the macro- and micro-scales. We showcase the platform's versatility through two compelling experiments investigating drought-stress and light-inhibition, respectively. In the drought-stress experiment, we observed plant responses to water scarcity, tracking physiological changes and morphological adaptations with our integrated imaging system. In the light-inhibition experiment, we further explored the impact of light intensity on plant growth and development. We envision collaborative efforts to address the current challenges in plant biology, agriculture, and environmental science.