NIBIO Bok formidler resultater fra forsknings-, utviklings- og utredningsarbeid i NIBIO, og inneholder andre utgivelser som for eksempel seminarrapporter og proceedings fra konferanser. Det utkommer omtrent 10 utgaver i året. Målgruppen er vitenskapelig ansatte, veiledere, offentlige myndigheter og de som bruker kunnskapen i praksis.


[Foreword] With a team of 700 employees and offices all over Norway, NIBIO is involved in a diverse range of projects in a number of places. The NIBIO team—distributed across five divisions and 16 locations, including Campus Ås— supports governmental bodies, public authorities, and industry by delivering research, analyses and reports, data, calculations, and decision-making tools. All this is carried out with a focus on value creation and sustainability—the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals are a key driver of many of NIBIO’s professional activities.