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Age trends of phenotypic, environmental, and additive genetic variance and heritability were estimated for overall density and its components earlywood and latewood densities and latewood proportion. The objective was to acquire information for both individual and cumulated rings from ring number 3 to 12 counted from the pith. Age-age correlations were calculated for cumulated density traits only. The wood density data were obtained with X-ray analysis of increment cores from 47 open-pollinated families of Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.). The families had earlywood and latewood with significant differences in density for individual and cumulated rings and consequently for overall density. The latewood proportion had significant family variation for cumulated rings but not for all individual rings. Large fluctuations in environmental variance caused fluctuations in heritability estimates for successive rings. A strong decrease in environmental variance for all cumulated traits, especially from ring 3 to 5, resulted in a steady increase in heritability estimates. The latewood density had the highest heritability estimates and latewood proportion the lowest for both individual and cumulated rings. Overall density and the cumulated components at cambial age 12 showed strong genetic correlations with their respective traits at all younger ages.