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Effects of growth medium physical conditions were studied. Peat and two series of peat mixed with hydrophobic mineral wool or perlite in three mixing ratios were prepared. Growth media porosities were characterized by the standardized time method and seedling development by measurements of stem length and fresh and dry weight.Seedlings grown in media containing mineral wool showed less mortality, were larger and had more living root apices than seedlings in media lacking mineral wool. Growth media influenced most the stem length and dry weights and was best at higher porosity. The difference between mineral wool and perlite amendments was greater for dry weight than stem length, although the effect of mixing ratio was observed for mineral wool only.The media induced qualitative differences in shoots (foliage spiralling) and roots (branching, number of living root apices, lenticel intumescence).


Two years of heavy defoliation of Pinus sylvestris by Neodiprion sertifer caused a volume loss of 33 % during a 9-year period after the defoliation of 90-120 years old pine forests. This loss corresponds to 3 normal annual increments. The increment losses in height, diameter and basal area are calculated both for the old stands and a young one (40 years of age). The economic consequences of the growth loss are also calculated and discussed.