Active Last updated: 09.08.2020
End: dec 2020
Start: jan 2019

A recent report written on behalf of the Norwegian government highlights the potential societal benefits for Norway in using big data. In particular, it shows that benefits can be represented by the improvement of the efficiency of decision-making processes and of the quality and timeliness of decisions and by giving actors the opportunity to react more quickly to deviations from normal situations. The handling of environmental disasters, planning of transport, security of society and increased business development and innovation are mentioned as concrete examples.

Status Active
Start - end date 01.01.2019 - 31.12.2020
Project manager Jonathan Rizzi
Project manager at Nibio Tor-Einar Skog
Division Division of Survey and Statistics
Department Geomatics

The Big data project has been started in order to increase the competence within NIBIO and take the benefits deriving from the application of new methods, such as machine learning, in the daily activity of the institute. The project is organized in three main Work Packages (WPs):

- WP1: Alliance and networking;

- WP2: Machine learning and remote sensing for automatic map changes;

- WP3: Technology and platforms for convenient big data with geographic data.


Publications in the project