• Software developer and architect for several of NIBIO's web sites: VIPS, AgroMet Norway, The Encyclopedia of Plant Protection, The Plant Protection Guide, Nitrogen fertilizer calculators and more.
  • The web sites and services cover several subjects, such as: Integrated Pest Management, pesticides, nitrogen fertilizing, weather data, weather forecasts, pest prediction models, pests, pathogens
  • Project leader of capacity building project on Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • ICT technologies in use: Linux, PostgreSQL, Python, Java, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Apache, WildFly, Django

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Climate Smart Agricultural Technologies for improved Rural Livelihoods and Food Security in Mali and Niger

The objective of the proposed work is to reduce poverty and food insecurity in Mali and Niger. Measures will be taken to protect natural resources and increase farmer incomes by enhancing agricultural productivity, strengthening market linkages, and facilitating new agribusinesses particularly those led by women and youth. The project will provide farmers with options to help increase their resilience and adaptation to the effects of climate change. Overall project activities are expected to lead to more than 20% increase in crop yields and 15% increase in household crop income.

Active Updated: 17.06.2020
End: dec 2020
Start: jan 2019
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Division of Survey and Statistics

Big data

Availability of data and information is crucial to be able to take correct decisions at all levels in many sectors: from healthcare to transport and energy, including bioeconomy, big data have become fundamental. The new challenges coming from data complexity and the demands for faster information management, elaboration and extraction call for a paradigm shift in the way data is acquired, stored, processed and analyzed. The solution for the challenges lies in the methods and in the technology, platform and software solutions of big data which are advancing rapidly. Especially the geospatial part of big data solution is a technology which is much newer and constantly in progress.

Active Updated: 25.10.2020
End: dec 2020
Start: jan 2019