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Division of Environment and Natural Resources

TerraNordica: Nordic Partnership for Soil Health and Agroecology

Photo: Thiago Inagaki
Active Last updated: 28.05.2024
End: jul 2025
Start: aug 2023

Soil health and Ecosystem Services (ES) are assessed through measuring carefully selected physical, chemical, and biological soil indicators related to dynamic soil properties, and compare these to thresholds or standard values that separate healthy from unhealthy conditions. 


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Start - end date 01.08.2023 - 31.07.2025
Project manager at Nibio Jannes Stolte
Division Division of Environment and Natural Resources
Department Soil and Land Use
Funding source The Nordic Joint Committee for Agriculture and Food Research (NKJ)

Indicator selection is dependent on their sensitivity to land management and spatial variation, relation to soil ES, the soils functionality, and accessibility and cost of the analysis, while thresholds are soil, climate and land use specific that must be agreed upon within similar pedo-climatic conditions.

Agroecology is based on sustainable use of local renewable resources, farmers’ knowledge and priorities, to provide ES, resilience and solutions that provide environmental, economic, and social benefits. Agroecology is a concept for reconciling agricultural production and environmental sustainability by optimizing ecological processes that deliver ES to reduce external inputs.

The overall goal of TerraNordica is to document and review the effects of agroecological production systems on soil health in Nordic countries.

The specific goals of the network are to:

  • Build a partnership network on soil health and agroecology within the Nordic countries (1st year).
  • Describe thresholds for soil health indicators under Nordic agroecological production systems for the three indicated soil-related ES food production, climate change and biodiversity. (2nd year).
  • Initiate development of Living Labs for inclusion in EU proposals for EU Soil Mission and Horizon Europe calls (whole project period).

Collaborating partners

Norway: NIBIO, NORSØK, Norwegian Veterinary Institute
Sweden: SLU
Denmark: University of Copenhagen, SEGES, Aarhus University
Iceland: Icelandic Agricultural Advisory Centre, SCSI
Finland: LUKE