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Divisjon for matproduksjon og samfunn

Visions and the consequences - analysing visions for Norwegian agriculture and its consequences for food security

Foto: Morten Günther
Aktiv SIST OPPDATERT: 19.06.2024
Slutt: sep 2027
Start: jan 2023

In the FOSIP project (Visions and the consequences - analysing visions for Norwegian agriculture and its consequences for food security) we will assess and evaluate the foundation, support, opportunities, and limitations for the goal of increased agri-food self-sufficiency in Norway and assess how far an increase will contribute to improved national food security.

Status Pågående
Start- og sluttdato 01.01.2023 - 30.09.2027
Divisjon Divisjon for matproduksjon og samfunn
Avdeling Fôr og husdyr
Totalt budsjett 12480000

First, we will run a process with agri-food actors and stakeholders to identify the existing agri-food narratives and the ideological and moral differences between each narrative. Further, we will recruit members into groups representing the existing narratives to define what we call the ‘ideal-types’ of the future agri-food systems. This will be done through a series of interdisciplinary workshops between the members of the groups and the involved researchers.

The defined agri-food system ‘ideal-types” will subsequently be translated into quantitative model inputs and analysed. The outcome is production quantity of various agri-food commodities, environmental and economic impacts, dietary impact, and degree of agri-food self-sufficiency. The model outputs will be evaluated with stakeholder involvement and iterated if necessary.

The final model outputs will then be used to assess the various “ideal-types” impact on domestic food security using multiple measures. The outcomes of the food-security and agri-food self-sufficiency assessments will be communicated and discussed with policymakers and agri-food actors. Our ambition is broad outreach and debate of outcomes, using different communication channels.