Turfgrass science is a wide discipline stretching from revegetation of hard shoulders and set-a-side land to intensively maintained golf greens. Between these extremes are grass-covered camp sites, beaches, recreational areas, grass roofs, park lawns, private garden lawns and sports fields.

Many of our projects focus on grass for golf courses because the golfers invest some of their club membership fees into a Nordic research foundation: STERF. On STERF’s website, you will find many of our guidelines for sports turf maintenance. Important research topics are grass for Nordic climate and sustainable use of nutrients, water and pesticides. Turfgrass winter survival also has a high priority, and we run a laboratory for diagnostics of turfgrass diseases. Most of our facilities for field experiment are located at NIBIO Landvik in Grimstad, SE Norway.


Diagnostics of turfgrass diseases

Identification of a disease or pest is the first step in integrated pest management.

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