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NIBIOs employees contribute to several hundred scientific articles and research reports every year. You can browse or search in our collection which contains references and links to these publications as well as other research and dissemination activities. The collection is continously updated with new and historical material.



J.W. Koenigs (Phytopathology 59: 1717-1721) found that isolates of Fomes annosus, after exposure to high concentrations of sodium borate were culturally indistinguishable from Peniophora gigantea. This conclusion is not valid. On examining seven of his exposed cultures we found that they must have been contaminated by various species of hymenomycetes.



Various pine species and provenances attacked by Scleroderris lagerbergii are reviewed with respect to their resistance. Pinus aristata is a new host. Introduced pine species may often become attacked if the ecological conditions in the new localities are different from those occurring under natural circumstances. Usually local provenances are more resistant than southern ones, but less resistant than more northern ones.