NIBIO is a project driven research institute and collects approximately 100 million NOK annually in project funding from both national and international sources. A lot of activity is carried out through EU and EEA-projects and we also participate in research projects in Asia, Africa and Latin America. NIBIO coordinates several large international projects with a particular focus on food security and climate change. The list of projects is not complete.


DGRADE - Constraints to degradation of biodegradable plastics in terrestrial systems

There is an increasing interest in plastics, both as a resource and as a pollutant. Climate change and environmental concerns have boosted the development of various types of biodegradable plastics, spanning from disposable food containers to waste bags and agricultural mulch films. But how fast do these products degrade in Nordic soils and waste streams?

Active Updated: 23.04.2020
End: dec 2022
Start: jan 2020
Strengthening the National Carbon Monitoring Center (NCMC) and GHG accounting system in Tanzania

In January 2016, Tanzania launched a national carbon monitoring centre (NCMC) at Sokoine University of Agriculture in Morogoro. The main purpose of the centre is “to build national capacity to measure, verify and report adequately on carbon emissions at national and international level”. NIBIO is the major technical partner to assist Tanzania’s NCMC, and has taken part in the development and establishment of the centre.

Active Updated: 19.03.2020
End: dec 2022
Start: jan 2015

Division of Food Production and Society

MilKey - Decision support system for sustainable and GHG optimized milk production in key European areas

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from cattle account for approx. 14.5 per cent of global GHG emissions. At the same time, cattle in combination with milk make up a large part of the value creation and employment in Norwegian agriculture. There is also a goal to increase Norwegian food production. Through grazing, cattle contribute to maintain an open cultural landscape and biological diversity. This project will collect data from key European areas to design a decision support system for sustainable milk production with reduced GHG emissions. 

Active Updated: 06.07.2020
End: nov 2022
Start: dec 2019