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NIBIO is a project driven research institute and collects approximately 100 million NOK annually in project funding from both national and international sources. A lot of activity is carried out through EU and EEA-projects and we also participate in research projects in Asia, Africa and Latin America. NIBIO coordinates several large international projects with a particular focus on food security and climate change. The list of projects is not complete.

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Division of Biotechnology and Plant Health

Sinograin III: Smart agricultural technology and waste-made biochar for food security, reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission, and bio-and circular economy

The Sinograin III project’s overall objective is to contribute to the UN SDGs by widely implementing precision agriculture technologies and application of “waste-to-value” biochar products to achieve sustainable food production with minimized GHG emission, improve soil fertility and promote green growth/zero waste in modern agriculture in China.

Active Updated: 31.01.2024
End: oct 2027
Start: sep 2023
Cultivated landscape

Division of Food Production and Society

Visions and the consequences - analysing visions for Norwegian agriculture and its consequences for food security

In the FOSIP project (Visions and the consequences - analysing visions for Norwegian agriculture and its consequences for food security) we will assess and evaluate the foundation, support, opportunities, and limitations for the goal of increased agri-food self-sufficiency in Norway and assess how far an increase will contribute to improved national food security.

Active Updated: 24.03.2023
End: sep 2027
Start: jan 2023

Division of Forest and Forest Resources

EU Climate Policy Implications for Land Use in Norway: Managing Trade-offs and Achieving Policy Coherence (ClimaLand)

The ClimaLand project will investigate trade-offs between policy goals, governance levels, and sector interests, and seek to identify how to design more coherent climate and land-use policies. An important objective is to investigate how conflicting policy goals can be handled and various considerations and land-use interests balanced.

Active Updated: 13.05.2024
End: aug 2027
Start: sep 2023
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Division of Survey and Statistics

Considering the Environment and Nature when Building and Operating Ground Mounted Solar Power Plants in Norway

EnviSol's mission is to harmonize the growth of ground-mounted solar power plants in Norway with the imperative to protect biodiversity and ecosystem services. With renewable energy production, preserving nature, and supporting ecosystems all in mind, EnviSol aims to pinpoint the ideal methods and locations for these solar installations, mitigating clashes over land use.

Active Updated: 30.01.2024
End: jul 2027
Start: aug 2023