Forest Biodiversity

Biodiversity is a term used to describe the variety of life, typically referred to at three levels.

The three levels are:

  1. Genetic diversity ‒ the genetic variation within a species.
  2. Species diversity ‒ the variety of species within a region.
  3. Ecosystem diversity ‒ the variety of habitats and ecosystems within a landscape.

At present, we know around 27.000 forest-living species in Norway, but the real number may approach 50.000 species. Of these, 1330 are redlisted as threatened species.

Our main task is to study the patterns and prosesses that govern the distribution and abundance of biodiversity in Norwegian Forests.


Focal research topics of the department are:

  • Conservation Biology and Phylogenetics
  • MiS-program (Complementary Hotspot Inventory)
  • Red List for Species, Ecosystems and Habitat types
  • Forest History


Foto: Jørund Rolstad