Hopp til hovedinnholdet

Wood impregnation


Preparing wood samples for vacuum-pressure impregnation. Foto: T. Ekström

Some exterior applications require protective treatments of the wood, which is based on the impregnation of the wood with a chemical solution. Besides treatments with wood preservatives, we have a strong expertise on wood modification techniques that do not rely on biocides. We have impregnation chambers for different purposes and sizes:

  • Vacuum-cabinet for small-scale vacuum impregnation or vacuum-drying
  • Pilot-scale impregnation vessel for vacuum-pressure impregnation of wood with a length up 2.1 m.
  • Industrial-scale impregnation plant for vacuum-pressure impregnation for boards with up to 6 m.

Additionally, there are differently-sized ovens available in our laboratory for wood drying or heat-curing at high temperatures. 

Pilot-scale impregnation vessel at NIBIO.