Hopp til hovedinnholdet

Energy from wood


What is the calorific value of wood-based material?  Foto: Eirik Nordhagen, NIBIO

The calorific value of wood-based material can be determined by a bomb calorimeter (1 MJ / kg is 0.2778 kWh / kg).
We distinguish between higher, lower and gross heating value. Lower calorific value is indicated on dry and ash free material.

Typical Lower heating value for wood without bark, leaves or needles:
Softwoods: 19.1 MJ / kg, (5.3 kWh / kg)
Hardwoods: 18.9 MJ / kg, (5.25 kWh / kg)

Oxygen bomb calorimeter for the determination of the calorific value of combustible materials. Foto: A. Treu, NIBIO