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Division of Food Production and Society

BlueRev - Revitalisation of European local communities with innovative business models and social innovation in the blue bio-based sector

Active Last updated: 08.02.2023
End: aug 2025
Start: sep 2022

The aim of the EU-funded BlueRev project is to encourage innovation in local communities by focusing on “blue” sustainability and creating positive environmental impacts.

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Start - end date 01.09.2022 - 31.08.2025
Project manager at Nibio Giovanna Ottaviani Aalmo
Division Division of Food Production and Society
Department Economics and Society
Funding source Horizon Europe

To that end, it will establish three pilot regions in Europe, where it will focus on introducing meaningful changes across specific value chains in the blue bio-based sector. The project will employ existing or advanced monitoring systems to assess the effectiveness of the value chains and come up with ways to improve governance frameworks and business models in the the blue bio-based sector. Engaging all relevant actors via awareness-raising communication campaigns, BlueRev will promote socially and environmentally responsible behaviour, facilitating the transition of local communities towards sustainable blue economy models that can be adopted across Europe.

Project partners

  • Agenzia per la Promozione della Ricerca Europea (Coordinator) - Italy
  • FBCD AS - Denmark
  • Consorzio Siciliano per la Valorizzazione del Pescato CO.S.VA.P Distretto della Pescae e Crescita BLU - COSVAP - Italy
  • GLOBAZ, S.A - Portugal
  • Universitetet i Agder - Norway
  • Rise Research Institutes of Sweden AB - Sweden
  • Eesti Maaulikool - Estonia
  • NIBIO - Norsk institutt fro bioøkonomi - Norway

Total EU Contribution: € 2 222 952.50