The Department of Geomatics sets up and runs effective, user-friendly solutions for digital management, production and dissemination of data, and information about land resources.

Data is stored in structured databases and made accessible primarily online. The department ensures that NIBIO’s map products are defined through national data catalogues and updated product specifications.

NIBIO has large volumes of digital information that must be made readily accessible to users. To make optimal use of data and other information, we need sound solutions for data management and dissemination that ensure easy access for different purposes in a variety of contexts.

The Department of Geomatics is also responsible for the technical aspects related to Norway’s development of a national geographical infrastructure, where NIBIO is one the collaborators. The departemement also coordinates and plays a leading role in NIBIO’s efforts to realise IT strategies for the public authorities. The department handles commissioned tasks related to geographic information systems (GIS) and provides GIS-related technical support.

Photo: Thomas Ekström