Instrumentation and environmental monitoring techniques

Our department specializes in measurement techniques and environmental monitoring. We have expertise in advising and operating measurement stations for water quality, water flow, and groundwater monitoring in the field. The projects are often related to transportation, agriculture, or other major development tasks in society. We are also responsible for the technical operation of weather stations in the LMT system.

Environmantal monitoring 

We can offer our expertise in large and small projects. We assist in selecting the right measuring equipment and can ensure data presentation on our websites. These are important steps in designing cost-effective and presentable environmental monitoring. We are well acquainted with the measuring instruments we use and can perform necessary calibration/checks both in the field or in our workshop. We assist in the field with equipment installation and can create a customized plan for maintenance/operation of the stations. Our measuring equipment is robust and field-adapted, thus well-suited to the climate we have in Norway. If there are threshold values the client must adhere to, we can easily set maximum or minimum limits for each measurement parameter. If exceeded, a designated phone list from the client will receive SMS alerts. This way, one can be quickly updated in various projects and take any necessary actions.


Data from the measurement stations can be automatically uploaded to our websites. The websites we use are user-friendly and easy to navigate. The stations are added to a "Clickable" map where measurement data and any other station information can be displayed. For example, images or water samples. Measurement data can be displayed in graphs for the desired time period and easily downloaded into spreadsheets.

Water sampling

We have personnel who can assist with water sampling. We can agree on a schedule for regular water sampling rounds or spot checks taken upon instruction from the project manager. If desired, we arrange for analysis ordering and delivery according to the project manager's wishes.

Rental of equipment and instruments

Our department offers rental of various measuring instruments to external and internal stakeholders. We have handheld and stationary measuring instruments. We assist in the purchase of necessary equipment needed for your project.

  • Handheld water quality measuring instruments for field use
  • Soil moisture meter
  • Handheld GPS
  • Field equipment such as water pumps, sampling pumps, and power generators
  • Weather stations
  • Groundwater loggers
  • For stationary measuring instruments, we have complete stations for measuring water quality, water flow, and groundwater.

Stationary measurement stations for water quality measurement contain data loggers with an internal telephone modem, connected to a multiparameter sensor. The sensor can be set up as standard with the following chemical parameters:

  • Water level
  • Water temperature
  • pH
  • Conductivity
  • Turbidity.

If desired, other sensors with additional parameters can be added to the standardized ones: oxygen saturation, oxygen percentage, and redox.

Loggers can also be connected to other types of sensors that can measure nitrate/nitrite (NO3-N/NO3).