Ecosystems in the Barents Region

The department conducts research and method development in the fields of ecology and ecological genetics focusing on species, populations, ecosystems and ecosystem services in the Barents region.

The department widely engages in various questions related to sustainability and innovation in research topics such as biodiversity, climate change, conservation biology, pollution, protected areas, large carnivores, and how to live in and off nature.

Central activities are:

  • We work with organism groups in terrestrial, aquatic and marine environments and have extensive collaboration both within Norway and abroad.
  • Environmental collaboration with Russia, including long-term studies of different species across national borders, is an important field for us.
  • The department also takes on external assignments and is affiliated with a modern DNA laboratory, which in addition to research, handles all DNA analyses in Norway’s national surveillance of brown bear.


Høsting elvesnelle Pasvik 26.09.17.FotoToneAandahl.jpg
Photo: Tone Aandahl