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NIBIO is a project driven research institute and collects approximately 100 million NOK annually in project funding from both national and international sources. A lot of activity is carried out through EU and EEA-projects and we also participate in research projects in Asia, Africa and Latin America. NIBIO coordinates several large international projects with a particular focus on food security and climate change. The list of projects is not complete.


Division of Food Production and Society

Biodegradable mulch film from rest raw materials.

In agricultural production of vegetables there is a challenge of competition between food plants and weeds. Use of herbicides has been the most actual treatment against weeds, but is now on its way out, due to environmental concerns. The idea of a spray-able biodegradable mulch film is that it should be possible to spray the mulch close to the plants at planting or after planting to make a physical barrier against weeds. 

Finished Updated: 10.10.2017
End: dec 2017
Start: jan 2014

Division of Food Production and Society

Pre- and postharvest quality optimisation of organic vegetables that can stimulate an increased consumption

Organic vegetable production on stock less farms has a need of various off-farm nutrient resources. The parts of agricultural co-streams that not can be used as food or feed are relevant to be used as fertilizers for those needs. Our research within this project is related to utilization of anaerobic digested food waste, pulverized shrimp shell and alga meal in comparison with animal manure and mineral fertilizers. We have studied the nitrogen use efficiency, mineralization time, product yield, sensory quality and content of glucosinolates. Our studies was performed at two locations in Norway as a three year crop rotation with broccoli, potatoes and lettuce.

Finished Updated: 20.04.2020
End: dec 2010
Start: jan 2006