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Division of Environment and Natural Resources

Mitigation measures for phosphorus and nitrogen under changing climate: conflicts and synergies

Active Last updated: 12.04.2024
End: jun 2025
Start: jan 2024

Nutrient concentrations, loads and stoichiometry (i.e., N:P ratio) in agricultural runoff affect the quality of surface waters. In Norway, the reduction of nutrient runoff is challenged by the sloped landscape, variable weather and changing climate with an increasing number of extreme hydrological events. Mitigation measures for reducing nutrient losses are pressingly needed but they do not always work simultaneously or equally for both N and P, due to the differences in their agronomic and biogeochemical characteristics and dominant transport pathways.

Status Active
Start - end date 01.01.2024 - 30.06.2025
Project manager Jian Liu
Division Division of Environment and Natural Resources
Department Soil and Land Use
Total budget 1255000

In support of decision-makers and farmers’ selection of effective mitigation measures, this project aims to increase the knowledge base on how nutrient, soil, crop, water and landscape management options affect P and N losses in runoff as well as N:P stoichiometry similarly or differently under variable weather conditions and changing climates, and to identify effective mitigation measures with climate-adaptation potential. The project will be conducted through an inventory, analysis and synthesis of available data in Norway to demonstrate how/where/when different management options have worked in reducing N and P concentrations and loads and changing N:P ratios, and potential conflicts and synergies in N and P reductions. The project will provide suggestions on mitigation measures that can be used by farmers for simultaneously reducing both N and P.