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Division of Environment and Natural Resources

EPIC ROADS - Ecology in Practice: improving infrastructure habitats along roads

Roadside in Öland, Sweden. Photo: Tommy Lennartsson
Finished Last updated: 22.03.2021
End: apr 2021
Start: apr 2018

Habitats related to Transport Infrastructures (HTI) may reduce negative impacts on biodiversity and improve landscape connectivity, given their proper design and construction. Here the transportation sector can contribute to halt the loss of biodiversity and secure ecosystem services in Europe through planning, construction and management based on ecological knowledge. 

TL Högby fyr Öland, Coastal roadsides may be habitats for seashore species, here Isatis tinctoria.DSCN9174.JPG
Coastal road in Öland, Sweden. Photo credit: Tommy Lennartsson
Status Active
Start - end date 01.04.2018 - 01.04.2021
Project manager Hans Martin Hanslin
Division Division of Environment and Natural Resources
Department Urban Greening and Vegetation Ecology

A number of local and national initiatives for enhancing biodiversity in HTI, together with several scientific studies and recent reviews on ecological traps, provide rich sources of experience and knowledge. However, there is an urgent need for compiling and synthesising such information to develop guidelines for improved construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure. 

The goal of the CEDR funded EpicRoads project is to provide a knowledge base and practical guidelines for the construction and maintenance of roadside habitats.


Bumble bee in a roadside in Gräsö, Sweden. Photo credit: Jörgen Wissman