Press room

The communication staff at NIBIO is in charge of external communications.


Due to annual leave, not all our communications advisers are reachable. Here, we provide a list of those who are present and can receive press inquiries during the quietest holiday weeks:

Week no. 26: Erling Fløistad, Kathrine T. Gulden, Ragnar Våga Pedersen

Week no. 27: Morten Günther, Kathrine T. Gulden

Week no. 28: Morten Günther, Lars Sandved Dalen

Week no. 29: Lars Sandved Dalen

Week no. 30: Kathrine T. Gulden, John Olav Oldertrøen

Week no. 31:  Ragnar Våga Pedersen, Liv Jorunn Hind

Week no. 32: Erling Fløistad, Morten Günther, Liv Jorunn Hind


The Director of Communications answers to queries regarding NIBIO’s activities.

The employees at the communication department can answer to inquiries regarding our publications, information material, website and activities.
News items that are published on may be used freely with referral to their original source. This includes images and photos used in the items. Before using photos and images in a different context than the one originally intended, please contact the photographer directly.
Please don’t hesitate to contact one of the communication staff if you have any questions.