NIBIOs management and board

NIBIO's management: MAnaging Director and Staff Managers
NIBIO's Management: DIrectors of Divisions

NIBIOs board

The board has the following members in 2017:
Professor Emeritus Victor D. Norman (Chairman of the board), Norwegian school of economics
General Secretary Line Henriette Holten (Vice-chairman of the board), Tekna
Director of Agriculture, Kirsten I. Værdal, county administration, Nord-Trøndelag
Professor Christel Elvestad
Research Scientist Ingunn Moland Vågen, staff representative
Research Scientist Erling Meisingset, staff representative
Deputy members for staff representatives:
Research Scientist Ingerd Skow Hofgaard (for Ingunn Moland Vågen)
Research Scientist Sebastian Eiter (for Erling Meisingset)
Deputy board members:
First deputy member: Harald Lein
Second deputy member: Astrid Lier Rømuld