NIBIOs management and board

NIBIO's management: MAnaging Director and Staff Managers
NIBIO's Management: DIrectors of Divisions

NIBIOs board

The board has the following members in 2017:
Professor Emeritus Victor D. Norman (Chairman of the board), Norwegian school of economics
Senior Advisor to Rector, Stig Fossum, Nord University
Line Henriette Holten
Director of Agriculture, Kirsten I. Værdal, county administration, Nord-Trøndelag
Research Scientist, Erling Meisingset, staff representative
Research Scientist, Hanne Sickel, staff representative
Deputy members for staff representatives:
Research Scientist, Sebastian Eiter (for Erling Meisingset)
Senior Adviser, Heidi Knutsen (for Hanne Sickel)
Deputy board members:
First deputy member: Chairman, Bjørn Ringstad, Tind Spekevarer AS
Second deputy member: Director, Åse Vaag, Askim Frukt- & Bærpresseri AS