NIBIO’s Ethics Committee

The work with ethics at NIBIO is guided by the Research Ethics Act. In accordance with the act, the institute has established a committee for scientific integrity and implemented guidelines for the handling of cases where there is a suspected violation of accepted norms for research ethics.
In addition to meeting these formal demands, the NIBIO board has adopted its own set of Ethical guidelines, covering all ethical aspects of institute activities. NIBIO’s committee for scientific integrity has therefore been named “Ethics Committee”, in order to emphasize that its mandate goes beyond just research ethics.
The Ethics committee will work to strengthen ethical attitudes and consciousness of ethics at NIBIO. The committee is a resource group established to give advice and guidance to institute directors and employees regarding ethical challenges, and to deal with cases of possible unethical conduct in general and suspected violation of adopted research ethics.
The daily follow-up of the work with ethics at NIBO is placed on the Ethics Ombudsman. The Ombudsman is also the person to be contacted in case of suspected violation of the rules governing the working environment in general.

NIBIO’s Ethics Committee consists of
  • Hans Geir Eiken (leader) - Senior Research Scientist, NIBIO
  • Øystein Johnsen - Pensioner, former prorector at Norwegian University of Life Sciences
  • Deborah Helen Oughton - Professor, Norwegian University of Life Sciences
  • Geir Åge Michelsen - Senior Adviser and legal professional, NIBIO
  • Inger Martinussen - Head of Department/Head of Research, NIBIO
NIBIO’s Ethics Ombudsman, Elin Thingnæs Lid, acts as secretary to the council (