Center for Precision Agriculture

The Center for Precision Agriculture was established in August 2016, and is located at NIBIO Apelsvoll, Østre Toten, Norway. Apelsvoll has been the site of steadily increasing activity related to Precision Agriculture since 2001. The purpose of the Center is to contribute to resource-efficient and sustainable agriculture by shortening the time elapsed from the moment new technology is developed to when farmers are able to benefit from it.

Some information on Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture is about using new technology to adjust the treatment of soil and plants depending on their needs, which often vary widely within the same field. In conventional farming, the whole field is typically treated in the same way, based on what is believed to be most widely appropriate.

In the case of Precision Agriculture, we adjust, for example, the amount of fertilizer, sprays, and lime according to site-specific requirements. These requirements are mapped by compiling information from a number of sources, including various sensors, cameras and global navigation satellite systems (GNSS). Such equipment can be mounted onto tractors, autonomous robots, UAVs (unmanned helicopters or planes, also known as drones), or satellites.

What we are working on at the center

At the Center for Precision Agriculture, we develop and test technological solutions for both current and future Precision Agriculture. Our research and development activity is concentrated on the following topics:

  • Precision fertilization
  • Precision weeding (both chemical and mechanical)
  • Advanced agricultural technology (auto-steering, equipment management, decision support)
  • Robotization and automation


We cooperate with a wide range of partners, both within Norway and abroad: from end users, to key stakeholders in the agricultural market, to selected technology companies. In addition, we work extensively with the scientific community worldwide. Our network is constantly expanding.

Photo/Design: Maximilian Pircher