Hopp til hovedinnholdet

Molecular Ecology Lab

The Molecular Ecology Laboratory at NIBIO-Svanhovd in northern Norway applies genetic and genomic technologies to address basic and applied research problems spanning a wide range of ecological, evolutionary, and environmental questions at the individual, population, and ecosystem level.

Our research group owns or has access to extensive facilities for both lab and field-based research for genetic and genomic applications (e.g., genotyping, DNA sequencing, mitogenomics, transcriptomics, RAD-sequencing, eDNA and metabarcoding) in wildlife, aquatic, and invertebrate research. This includes a genetic lab with state-of-art PCR and qPCR machines, a Biomark HD Fluidigm for SNP analysis, epMotion 8075 and 5070, IonOneTouch ES robots for high-throughput automated pipetting and sample processing, NanoDrop 2000, and a Sage Blue Pippin. Storage facilities include numerous -20 and -80⁰C freezers for long-term storage of faecal and tissue samples.

Our group also has access to Next-Generation-Sequencing (NGS) machines (e.g., Illumina) at NIBIO headquarters in Ås for large-scale genomic analyses.