NIBIO Centre for International Development

NIBIO has an international portfolio with collaborative programmes in many parts of the world. CID coordinates the activities in Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, South and South-East Asia.


CID News 1-2019

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CID News 1-2018

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Director, CID and Coordinator for South and South-East Asia:
Coordinator for Africa:
Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean:
Director of Communications:
Project Management and Finance:
Project Management and Finance:
Photo: Ragnar Våga Pedersen



The main goal of CID is to make NIBIO a competitive player in the international R & D market.

NIBIO is already active in the international R & D market with bilateral and multilateral networks in many countries. CID will further strengthen these networks and increase the presence of NIBIO in the international market. NIBIO's professional platform is competent to address the grand global challenges, and CID will:

  1. Develop, strengthen, market and professionalize NIBIO as an important actor in international R & D markets.
  2. Develop bilateral and multilateral relations at country and institution level in priority countries for NIBIO.
  3. Develop and professionalize support in relation to project acquisition and project coordination.

More specifically, CID will attend to strategic development and coordination, marketing and profiling, relations and networking, support for project acquisition and reporting, and representation in relation to international markets except in the EU and the USA. CID will look to Norwegian foreign policy (i.e. concerning development support, climate and environment), the work of various national and international organisations (i.a. NORAD, FAO, CGIAR, the World Bank, etc.) and other public and private businesses. 

Signing the framework agreement between Norad and NIBIO, October 2018. Photo: Ragnar Våga Pedersen