Landvik research station. Photo: Anette Tjomsland
Researcher Ingunn Vågen in front of a cauliflower field. The vegetables are exposed to drought stress to investigate whether it affects taste. Photo: Anette Tjomsland.
Lead research technician, Trond Olav Pettersen, registrate research data from one of the golf greens at Landvik. Photo: Anette Tjomsland.
Research technician Atle Beisland with fresh salad grown in the aquaponics research facility. Photo: Anette Tjomsland.
Junior Executive Officer Elise Krey Pedersen in the storage room for mountain seed. Photo: Anette Tjomsland.
Erling Stubhaug harvest potatoes in June, early in the Norwegian potato season. Photo: Anette Tjomsland.

Research sections at Landvik

Bioresources and Recycling Technologies Grain and forage seed agronomy