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Soil and Land Use

Increased knowledge of factors and processes leading to losses of soil and nutrient losses in agricultural catchments is central in our section and forms the basis for identifying and developing effective measures to reduce soil erosion and nutrient losses.

The Department’s activities are based on hydrology and water pathways in catchments, and focus on reducing peak flow to reduce flood risk. We conduct experimental research as well as modeling studies. Models simulate water pathways and discharge processes and we develop and analyze effects of measures at catchment scale.

The JOVA program, which is a national monitoring program monitoring particle, nutrient and pesticide losses in small agricultural catchments, is a central activity that delivers data for national and international studies. The JOVA program database now contains 20 years of data from 11 catchments throughout Norway. The Department of  Soil and Land Use runs a well-facilitated soil physical laboratory, where most of the essential soil physical parameters can be analyzed. 

We have strong cooperation with agricultural and environmental authorities in Norway; with e.g. focus on the Water Framework Directive. In addition, we contribute in research projects financed by the Norwegian Research Council and participate in, and initiate, several international projects in Europe, Latin America and China.


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Photo: Ragnar Våga Pedersen.
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Jannes Stolte
Head of Department
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