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Pesticides and Natural Products Chemistry

The department has the largest collective expertise within pesticide chemistry in Norway.

Central research topics and tasks are:

  • Pesticides in the environment (occurrence, fate, modelling and effect studies)
  • Analysis of pesticides in samples of plant origin and environmental samples (water, soil, sediment)
  • Analyses of various chemical compounds - including customized analyses for research projects (mycotoxins, bioactive natural products, plant volatiles, various organic pollutants, etc.)
  • Bioactive natural products (chemical analysis of mycotoxins and bioactive natural products, metabolite profiling in plants and microorganisms, etc.)

The department holds the National Reference Laboratory (NRL) for residues of pesticides in food and feed of plant origin and also have a national R&D responsibility for pesticides in the environment. We perform monitoring and R&D work for the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, as well as competitive research and analysis projects for a wide range of customers.

Pesticide Chemistry. Photo: Arnstein Staverløkk.
Contact person:

Marianne Stenrød
Head of Department
(+47) 482 97 607