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Land Inventory

The Department of Land Inventory provides updated and readily available information about land resources in Norway. We do so through our technical responsibility for the National Land Resource Map, through technical ownership of the open internet mapping services Kilden (The Source) and Gårdskart på Internett (Farm maps on Internet). The Departement also represents the agricultural sector in Geovekst and Norge digital- two alliances for mapping cooperation and mutual benefits.

Internet map services

Facilitated map services which compile information from many national map providers are important tools for decision making in the agricultural industry and in public management.

The department is the owner of NIBIO’s popular internet map services for a wide variety of professional and private users, and is responsible for technical support and further development.  

"Gårdskart på Internett" is an open analytic map service which provides maps of a number of land resources, and computes area statistics for selected farms and other land property units. The maps and area statistics are used as background information when submitting applications for area based subsidies to Norway's agricultural enterprises. It is also used in a large variety of related sectors which require maps and statistics of land resources. Each farm has a unique identification key (municipality, farm, section and/or subsection) by which information is stored and can be found on the web. Farms can also be found by clicking their representation point on municipality maps. 

"Kilden" is an open map service where most of NIBIO’s data on soil, vegetation, forestry and agriculture, pasture and landscape are compiled in a single web atlas together with a selection of other relevant national datasets. Reindeer husbandry is also available on behalf of the Norwegian Agricultural Agency.

The user may select a thematic field of interest and choose which map layers to be displayed. The map service has many tools, such as location search, measuring and sketch drawing. 



Training municipalities in updating the National Land Resource Map in scale 1:5000 is an important task for the Department of Land Inventory. Photo: Thomas Ekström.


National Land Resource Map in scale 1:5000, FKB-AR5

The Department of Land Inventory has the technical responsibility for the National Land Resource Map in scale 1:5000 named FKB-AR5. This is the national primary source of detailed information on Norway's land resources, and is a part of the public national base map for physical planning at local level.

The department is responsible for training in land resource mapping, and making use of such data at municipal and regional levels. It offers various training courses and online guidance.


*Geovekst and Norge digitalt

On behalf of the Ministry for Food and Agriculture, NIBIO represents the agricultural sector's needs for, and interests in, spatial data in the Geovekst and Norge digitalt.

The Department of Land Inventory does this by participating  in Norge digitalt - a national initiative involving actors in the public sector. The purpose is to easily share spatial information. Of particular importance to Norge digital is Geovekst, a geodata cooperation consisting of public and private partners. The main objectives of Geovekst (GeoGrowth) are to establish, maintain and distribute a selection of geographical data for the partners.  The Department represents the Ministry in the Geovekst cooperation.

The department also has the responsibility for maintaining and developing the national aerial photography circular process and public management of National orthographic imagery together with the National Mapping Authority and other actors.


Contact person:

Jostein Frydenlund
Head of Department
(+47) 452 88 714