Gå hovedinnhold

Grain and forage seed agronomy

The activities of the grain and forage seed agronomy research group include applied research of cereal, oilseed and pulse crops, as well as forage seed production. The research group delivers environmentally sound agronomic knowledge that enhance yield and quality.

More specifically, the research group carries out agronomic research and development encompassing the following topics and their interactions:

  •  Species, varieties and crop rotation
  • Soil cultivation, soil compaction, soil structure
  • Plant establishment and development, including winter survival of autumn sown crops
  • Crop nutrition and fertilization strategies, quality control of fertilization standards and recommendations
  • Crop protection strategies
  • Harvesting strategies and techniques

The research group is responsible for research and development of conventional and organic production strategies for cereal, oilseed and pulse crops. 


Barley. Photo: Morten Günther.
Contact person:

Wendy Waalen
Head of Department
(+47) 452 86 790