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Economics and Society

The department is a part of the Division for Food Production and Society. The department's subject areas are within economics and other social sciences, with research conducted on business and industry economics, as well as consumer, marketing and value chain analysis.

Other subject areas are agricultural, energy and environmental politics, and the effects they have on welfare and common goods such as landscapes, food safety, and viable rural communities.

The department has strong knowledge of institutions and businesses in primary agriculture, agricultural delivery industries, food and bio-industries, and wholesale and retail sector. The research covers national and international food markets, trade politics, agricultural politics in Norway and other countries, climate changes, eco-system services, production-economic analysis of agriculture and hamlet industries, price setting, competition, productivity, investments and operation optimization, risk analysis, structure changes, innovation and entrepreneurship in rural areas, and behavioral studies. 

Contact person:

Knut Øistad
Head of Department
(+47) 905 37 767