Gå hovedinnhold

Biotecnology and Molecular Genetics

The department has the responsibility for R&D in molecular plant pathology and molecular ecology. Development of laboratories and new technologies are important tasks, where genomic analysis and bioinformatics are important issues today. The aims are to achieve novel knowledge on molecular mechanisms important for sustainable use of our biological resources.

Research & Development:

  • Plant pathogens and interactions with host-plants (strawberries-Phytophthora cactorum, potato – common scab and soft rot bacteria, cereals - Fusarium etc.)
  • Population- and landscape genetics, reproduction dynamics and population developments (brown bears, autumnal moth, apple fruit moth, potato late blight pathogen etc.)
  • Molecular genetic mapping and development of markers in applied plant breeding
  • Epigenetic studies in plants
  • Development of DNA assays and genetic databases for identification, diagnostics and surveillance
Finnish brown bear - Photo by Alexander Kopatz-1.jpg
Finnish Brown Bear. Photo: Alexander Kopatz, NIBIO.
Contact person:

May Bente Brurberg
Research Professor
(+47) 926 09 364