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Adaption to climate change (ACC – PA7)

Slovak-Norwegian Bilateral Cooperation Project within EEA Grants – Measure B – Adaptation to Climate Change (ACC)
december 2016 - july 2017

Algae to future (A2F)

A2F's vision is to lay the foundation for industrial microalgae production in Norway, utilizing natural resources and waste streams from existing production lines within agriculture, aquaculture and process industry.
april 2017 - march 2021

BalanC - The impact of increasing spruce plantation area on the carbon balance of forests in Western Norway

The BalanC project aims at investigating the effects of tree species change on the carbon balance of the forest and its products and the climatic feedback (albedo) of forest ecosystems in Western Norway.
march 2016 - february 2020

Bilateral Norway – Hungary Water Management Project

A knowledge exchange project entitled “Answers of Water Management to Climate Change” was obtained from EEA (EEA C3-9) funds by NIBIO and the Upper-Tisza Regional Water Directorate in East Hungary.
november 2016 - december 2016

Billateral fund, Measure B- Green innovations

Billateral fund to support development of cooperation between the Slovak Republic and Norway, in the field of Green industry innovation (SK07).
july 2016 - august 2017

BioMim - Advancing biomass technology

Utilization of woody (lignocellulosic) biomass has emerged as a top priority to meet growing energy demands, address climate change, and support forest economies. Research and technology development are critically needed to find cost-effective and sustainable solutions for the conversion of biomass. Extensive exploitation of lignocellulosic biomass as a feedstock for a variety of products is the key to develop a viable bio-economy. However, the natural resistance of lignocellulosic biomass to chemical and biological deconstruction is a challenge that biorefineries have to overcome.
january 2015 - december 2018


CARISMA is a virtual Center of Advanced Research for the innovative use of 3D remote sensing in mapping of forest and landscape attributes based on national forest inventories. It is a network to improve the coordination of research activities that are ongoing in the Nordic national forest inventories (NFIs).
january 2016 - december 2021

CHeriScape – Cultural heritage in landscape

CHeriScape are a landscape-focused network funded as part of the transnational pilot call of the European Joint Programming Initiative on Cultural Heritage.
january 2013 - december 2016