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Food Production and Society

The Division of Food Production and Society is a national leading research and competence unit with key research areas in crop production, agronomy, soil science, ecology, cultural landscapes as well as economics and social sciences.

The division has projects and assignments within nutrition management and fertilization strategies, agricultural and sensor technologies, environment and resource economics, impacts of land use changes in agriculture for biodiversity and other ecosystem services, as well as projects based on systems and value chain perspectives.

The division's goal is to contribute research-based knowledge of increased food security and food safety, and to support innovation and value creation in the entire value chain of agricultural and food production. The division produces applied knowledge for public governance, business communities and the society in large, and has competence within plant biology/ecology, system analysis, technology, economics and society. These competences represent strategically important fields of knowledge, which are also highly relevant for academic and scientific cooperation with researchers in the other research divisions in NIBIO.

The division consists of six departments with approximately 125 employees. The employees are located at several locations across the country, including important land areas for agricultural production in Norway. The employees with economic and social science expertise are mainly located in Oslo. The organization of the division will be greatly affected by the changes and restructuring of the regional research stations decided by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

Contact person:

Mogens Lund
(+47) 941 43 615