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Environment and Natural Resources

The Division of Environment and Natural Resources conducts research and commissioned work within the following fields: soil quality and soil resources, climate issues linked to soil, forestry and water, run-off from agricultural and forestry land, water quality and the management of land and water resources, land use, nature based cleansing solutions and other environmental measures, green environment and revegetation, biodegradable waste management and bioenergy.

The Division takes an integrated approach to various issues concerning efficient biological production, resource utilization, environmental impacts and the society. Environmental monitoring, climate and environmental analyses and the development of cost effective climate and environmental measures are key issues within the division.

The Division coordinates the Norwegian Agricultural Environmental Monitoring Programme (JOVA) which is a national programme for soil and water monitoring in agriculture dominated catchments in Norway. JOVA provides important data on agricultural runoff and erosion to administrative and governmental bodies, as well as national and international research projects. The Division’s National Forest Inventory collects data on forest growth and development over time, and the Climate Centre carries out climate relevant mapping and monitors and reports from forest and land areas. All these activities make out a large part of the grounds for the division’s work linked to consequences, modeling and strategies regarding climate change adaptation.

Developing and documenting environmental technology based on biology and natural processes are activities which contribute to the development of a good bioeconomy. Methods and systems for sustainable recirculation, and recycling of nutrient and energy resources in waste products, forests and byproducts, are central in this. Urban greening is another element which is helpful when adapting to a changing climate with extreme weather conditions, and providing better grounds for local resource utilization.

The Division has a substantial international approach with collaborative programmes being carried out in Europe as well as in India and South-East Asia, the latter focused on integrated water resource management. Close-boundary collaborationin the Barents region, is also an important part of the division’s international dedication.

The staff of the Division of Environment and Natural Resources is mainly located at Ås outside Oslo, but several of its coworkers have their work place at Landvik (Grimstad), Særheim (Klepp), Furuneset (Fjaler), Tingvoll and Svanhovd (Sør-Varanger).

Contact person:

Roald Sørheim
(+47) 900 94 486