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Biotechnology and Plant Health

The Division of Biotechnology and Plant Health has Norway’s most comprehensive competence when it comes to plant health and plant protection in agriculture and forestry. Both commercial interests and public management benefit from this competence and knowledge.

 We have specialised competence within diagnostics, biology, mapping and prevention of plant disease organisms, pests and weeds. Furthermore, our  fields of expertise include pesticide chemistry, genetics and biotechnology, aquatic and terrestrial bio prospecting, algae and  plants used for other purposes than food. Some of these fields of competence go beyond the traditional plant protection subjects.

The Division is commissioned by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food within the fields of pesticide-, forestry and plant protection. We are a national reference laboratory for pesticide analysis and plant pest organisms.  We also run a network of meteorological stations in agricultural areas in Norway, which primarily supplies data to NIBIOs projects, but also to the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and other institutes. Our activities on genetics of brown bears are mainly commissioned by the Norwegian Environment Agency.  International co-operation is given high priority. The Division has a large portfolio nationally and its international portfolio has had a steady increase over the most recent years. Our multi-national scientific staff is actively involved in numerous networks and international projects worldwide.

Most of the staff is located at Campus Ås, just outside Oslo. We have, however, also staff at Grimstad (in the southern part of Norway), at Særheim and Ullensvang (on the Norwegian west coast), Stjørdal (central Norway), and Bodø, Tromsø and Svanhovd (northernmost parts of Norway). Finally, the Division has also associated prominent researchers at international research institutes in Europe and the US in part time positions.


Contact person:

Arne Hermansen
(+47) 907 45 068